Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 Paid-Up Members

Mark Davies
Banjo, guitar, vocals, brass, organ, et al. All the TFUL282 boys wear dresses occasionally, but Davies is closest to the Vogue ideal. I like him because he seems non-threatening. I would buy plastic dolls shaped like Mark Davies. To answer a FAQ: Davies is cute and blond like me but we're otherwise unrelated.

Anne Eickelberg
Bass et that's pretty much al. Sometimes sexist reviewers call her "the singer." She does actually take charge of a couple of songs on The Funeral Pudding; she's strict with them, but fair. Eickelberg has also recorded some solo work on bonus 45s and published excerpts from her adolescent diary in Bananafish.

Brian Hageman
Mandolin, vocals, guitar, et in arcadia ego. Hageman is wholesome and boyish. Like what people who aren't from the Midwest expect Iowans to look like.

Jay Paget
Drums, tapes. Paget used to be one third of World of Pooh, the third with the drums and tapes.

Hugh Swarts
Guitars, vocals. A regular kind of guy. And, uh... well, if you want to know more, you can always go write them yourself. They accept mail at:

Thwart Productions
PO Box 2827
Oakland, CA 94609

Paul Bergmann used to drum for TFUL282. I never saw him, but I like to think that he looked like Chevy Chase.
Copyright 1995 Ray Davis