Read This: A Dip into the Mainstream

by Ray Davis

(originally published in The New York Review of Science Fiction)

As Jonathan Lethem recently advised Village Voice readers, the science fiction community is painfully ill-read and parochial. Mainstream academics and critics have expressed their adventurous open-mindedness in gestures ranging from the international fund that saved Philip K. Dick's life, through the famous split of the Pulitzer and the National Book Award between The Female Man and Dhalgren, to John Crowley's honorary doctorates and Karen Joy Fowler's recent MacArthur grant. But what has science fiction ever done for the mainstream? Besides giving them Jonathan Lethem, I mean.

Oh, foolish Gentiles, tear your eyes away from those gaudily-colored paperbacks and to this short but powerful reading list:

Apologies and Copyright 1998 Ray Davis