A Hundreth sundry Flowres bounde up in one small Poesie.

Gathered partely (by translation) in the fyne outlandish Gardins of Euripides, Ouid, Petrarke, Ariosto, and others: and partly by inuention, out of our owne fruitefull Orchardes in Englande:
Yelding sundry sweete sauours of Tragical, Comical, and Morall Discourses, bothe pleasaunt and profitable to the well smellyng noses of learned Readers.

Meritum petere, graue.

Imprinted for Richarde Smith

The contents of this Booke.

First an excellente and pleasante Comedie entituled Supposes.
The second, the wofull tragedie of Iocasta, conteining the vtter subuersion of Thebes.
Thirdly, a pleasant discourse of the adventures of master. F. J. conteyning excellent letters, sonets, Lays, Ballets, Rondlets, Verlayes and verses.
Fourthly, diuers excellent deuises of sundry Gentlemen.
Fiftly, certayne deuises of master Gascoyne, conteyning his anothamie, his arrignemente, his prayse of mistresse Bridges now Lady Sands, the his praise of Zouch late the Lady Grey of wilton.
Gascoyne his passion.
Gascoines libell of diuorce.
Gascoines praise of his mistresse
Gascoines Lullabie.
Gascoines Recantation.
Gascoynes fiue notable deuises upon fiue sundry theames giuen to him by fiue sundry Gentlemen in fiue sundry meeters.
Gascoines gloze upon Dominus ijs opus haber.
Gascoines good morrowe.
Gascoines good night.
Gascoines councell to Douglas Diue.
Gascoines counsell to Bartholomew wythipole.
Gascoines Epitaph upo Captaine Bourcher lately slayne in Zelande, called the tale of the stone.
Gascoines deuise of a maske.
Gascoines wodmanship.
Gascoines gardening.
Gascoines last voyage into Holland in Marche. 1572.
Lastly the dolorous discourse of Dan Bartholmew of Bathe, wherin is conteyned his triumphes, his discourse of love, his extreme passion, his libell of request to Care, his last will and testament, his farewel.
Last of all the reporter.