This was the servant well known to all SWIFT’S friends, by the name of Saunders; which was the appellation by which SWIFT always named him.

The Dean was remarkably kind to him throughout the course of several years, spent in his service; and more particularly throughout the course of a tedious illness, under which he laboured for many months before he died.

The candid reader will, I hope, forgive me, that I add this little anecdote.

In the original draught, which I saw in the Dean’s own hand-writing, it stood thus——

—— His grateful Friend, and master, &c.

A gentleman of the Dean's acquaintance, much more distinguished for vanity than wisdom, prevailed upon him to leave out the word Friend, and only write, his grateful master; and this in contradiction to a known maxim of his own; that an affectionate, and faithful servant, should always be considered in the character of a humble friend.

- Patrick Delany,
Observations upon Lord Orrery’s Remarks
on the Life and Writings of Dr. Jonathan Swift

Here lieth the Body of Alexdr Mcgee, servant to Dr. Swift Dean of St. Patricks.
Photo by Juliet Clark