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New from Aqueduct Press

It Walks in Beauty:
Selected prose of Chandler Davis

edited & introduced by Josh Lukin

Containing five stories, four essays, two letters, and a speech by Davis,
with an interview and three critical pieces by Lukin.

It Walks in Beauty cover
"Critique & Proposals"
First appeared in the Vanguard Amateur Press Association, 1949; an appreciation
"... From an Exile"
First appeared in The New Professors, 1960
"Did the Red-hunt Win?"
An address delivered to the AAAS, 1995
"The Purge"
A history; first appeared in A Century of Mathematics in America, 1988
"Paradoxa Interview with Chandler Davis: 'Trying to Say Something True'"
Interview by Josh Lukin; first appeared in Paradoxa, 2003