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Dysfunctional Family - 09/24/99
In the shadows, a smiling girl with a ponytail speaks and holds her hands beneath a toddler's head as if about to lift him. The toddler, eyes closed, grasps a glass half-filled with some white substance. A thin wavering line glows above the toddler's smirking mouth.
"Look what happens when I squeeze Toddler."
"I don't know why they bother with enemas -- this barium stuff tastes great!"
"Another gutter-slut trained and ready, Ma."

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If you can't take the seltzer, get out of the ring: If I was a better researcher, I'd figure out how many Web pundits who have protested the shutdown of The Dysfunctional Family Circus have also protested the notion of Third Voice users exchanging comments over the pundits' websites. (Personally, I think the idea of magically lifted-off graffiti is pretty neat.)

And I'd also look into whether the parody-as-fair-use legal argument is at all muddied by the captions that refer to the strip's drug-addled child-raping no-talent-bum dad as "Bil Keane."

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Honestly? I loved the idea of the Dysfunctional Family Circus, but I rarely looked at it. There were always one or two funny captions -- which is darned good -- but the reader would have to machete through dozens of weedy witlessicisms to find them. And the reader gets tired after a while.

What the DFC needed, more than anything else, was a strong editorial presence... an expert professional... someone like... like....


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