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I've just read two Henry James stories from 1900 that, it strikes me, may strike certain friends and correspondents as useful correctives to my own rhetorical positions. Counterpoint away, my dear fellow!

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The New Historicism

Q: What happened during edgar allen poes life that changed or affected him during his life. Please list five and in complete sentences
-- Nicholas Prado (, November 26, 2002


Laudanum Mercy! Great Scotch!
Please erase 'The New Historicism.' Please.

Sometimes I feel a mad impulse to fling open the library window, stick my head out, take a deep breath, turn green, rush to the men's room, turn greener, rush to the other men's room, come back much refreshed, and shut and brick over the window. Don't you?

Besides, it's an election day, and these are the voices of America's future.

But, respecting the feelings of our gentler readers, I regretfully dropped the veil. Lift it at your own risk. is an insain gay website with drug habbits and probably wants to MARRY another insain gay website with drug habbits!!!!


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