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Movie Comment: George Washington

This and All the Pretty Horses and The Virgin Suicides may herald a new film sub-genre: American Gothic with the humor taken out, or American Goth. For all those folks who thought Luis Buñuel and Flannery O'Connor could've been really important artists if they'd only quit clowning around.

Today's Closure Special!

"Then [David Green] saw Terrence Malick's Days Of Heaven. 'I think it deals with so many subtleties of emotion in a natural and yet dramatic and visceral and surreal way,' he says. 'I saw it when I was probably 14. It changed my life.'"

Apparently nothing else ever would: somewhere during the first three minutes of his movie, I thought, "Is this guy trying to rip off Days of Heaven?" and sometime during the next three minutes, I thought, "Yeah. But why?"


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