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Napa Valley travellers who need a break from beautiful scenery and no-nonsense boozing will want to visit the Coppola Winery, a self-aggrandizing museum and museum store which really packs in that Hard Rock Cafe crowd.

Here, the model some uncle glued together from toothpicks demonstrates (according to the museum tag) the genetic basis of Coppola's remarkable manual dexterity. Look, there's Sofia's vanity license plate, still attached to the "too dorky to drive" car her father bought her! Savvy shoppers know it's the only place you can find Tucker: The Man and His Dream T-shirts for sale. But it gets kind of frustrating seeing Francis's selection of the best extra virgin olive oil and Francis's selection of the best pencil and best yellow legal pad (I'm not kidding!) and Francis's selection of the best kitchen apron and never getting to the consumer guidance I'd really appreciate: Francis's selection of the best nose hair trimmer.

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Scenes of Violence

While the Napa Valley Sheriff performs regular tasting duty at Clos Pegase Winery, a giant headless metal protester attacks his vehicle. Offisa B. Pupp pledges, "We'll soon have the miscreants behind bars and ourselves back in front of them."

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Condensed Novel

Andrew Marion Ornbaun was the youngest brother of John Shipley Ornbaun. He was the one that had a double fence built & didn't speak for years. Marion, as he was called, died in 1945 at the age of 103 years. The lady was his daughter, Hattie.
- Photo caption, Anderson Valley Historical Society


What? No Pomos?!


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