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2012 (2009)

Atem. And one second after midnight... all the stone clocks stop!

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The Man I Love (1946)

Hotsy. Ba-bum-ba-da-da-dum....

Totsy. We heard that song some tonight.

Hotsy. I guess it's good the movie wasn't called Barnacle Bill the Sailor.


Otherwise all I can add to The Siren's analysis is indignation at the film's iffy-to-nil critical rep. Survey the gendered terms of dismissal and the reason's plain enough: "sappy," "romantic," "melodramatic".... If Bogart had Lupino's part, The Man I Love would be a lot easier to see.

And a lot harder to believe. Lupino earns her happy ending in a way Bogart couldn't have.

Not that she's set everything right. You'd have to be stupid to think that's possible and you'd have to be crazy to try. But she's kept everything from going as bad as it looked like it might, and for smart sane people that's a damned happy ending. "You and Capablanca," I said.


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