. . . Boy Meets Girl

. . .

Dyin' Dame   Movie Comment: Boy Meets Girl

Solicitudicide. Still playing doctor, but with a Hippocratic Oath and lots of malpractice. Compulsive observation followed by convulsive embrace. Fatal to one, guess which? Here, let me drape those muddy railroad tracks with my jacket. They say they want to help, but that would reduce the attraction; thus the usual one shove forward, two yanks back. Spreading handfuls of shredded paper to comfort the coals. It's an old story: the crime of Orpheus was making sure Eurydice was really OK. Holly Martins just wants to help, Available Ferguson just wants to help (the nun just wants to help: "I thought I heard voices"), this ugly little creep just wants to help.... "I try to find a girl."


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