Microscopic examination

Longer essays

Another "True Life" M. K. Brown Romance
What's missing from the cartoonist's career retrospective.
Delany's Dirt
The pornographic novels of Samuel R. Delany.
Down Home Music
Mojo Hand : An Orphic Tale by J. J. Phillips.
Emily Dickinson: The Poet as Selflorist
Aural composition.
Failing towards Freedom
The limits of scientized history, particulary as demonstrated by Henry and Brooks Adams.
High, Low & Lethem
Jonathan Lethem, John Leonard, Steve Gerber, and cross-genre appropriation. (Original weblog version.)
---king Elvis
Elvis Presley, Sam Phillips, and an accident waiting to happen.
Laura True-Teller and Other Fairy Tales
Laura Riding's Progress of Stories.
Losing It: A Vertigo Restoration Comedy
I link up; I link down... I link up; I link down....
Manifests (for Peli Grietzer)
A shared "image", its uses, & its origins:
1. Dedication & Definition
2. Picture Book (or, Fun with Your New Manifold)
3. Adaptive Manifold Learning
No Better than We Should Be
Against the ethical turn in criticism, as represented by three stalwart champions.
Nothing Personal
Undepersonalization in Confessional, New York School, and Language Poetry.
No Single Reason in the World
The limits of evolutionary psychology.
A Personal Anthology
... of short stories and short introductions.
Reading Leggott's Reading Zukofsky's 80 Flowers
The pleasure of obstinately difficult poetry.
The Road to Son of Paleface
Frank Tashlin, Bob Hope, and Andrew Marvell.
The Terrorist of Malta
The political art of Christopher Marlowe.
Thinking of Cluny Brown
The philosophy of Ernst Lubitsch.
True Enough
Citations in literary scholarship.

Selected shorter essays and serials

Appearance of a World
Poetics of/against science fiction.
Blind Willie McTell
Grace and reputation in popular music.
Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.
Keats Lives Again!
An Integral
Gypsy by Carter Scholz.
Josh Lukin, August 18 1968 - July 25 2019
In memory of a friend.
Love or Confusion
Lewis Shiner's Glimpses and other musical stories.
My Acquaintance Anselm Dovetonsils, American Poet
With a not-quite-slim-enough volume.
My Funny Valentine
Laughing at and with post-Victorian poety.
A deep dive into Swinburne's sea.
The Quarrel between Philosophy and Philosophers
The goal of the game and the point of the game.
The Second Confiscation
On generic knowledge and ignoring.
The Sissy Gaze in American Cinema
"What grace! What spirit! Hops and flurries delight the eye; acidic comebacks scour the ear canal."
A condensed nonfiction historical collage novel.
Summa contra juxta Gentiles
Credo & apologia.
Things Are Tough All Over
The squandered promises of genre.
Three Anagrams of Jack Spicer's Biography
Three Reputations
What is truth? said jesting Pilate, and would not stay for an answer.
Tuesday Weld
"Most impenetrable!" - Entertainment Weekly
The Weeds of Crime
Three movies, one important message: A wimp in a mutally adoring marriage who's threatened by masculine hostility and a job crisis can solve all his problems by joining a bunch of gangsters.
Earlier essays, reviews, and fiction.


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