. . . Buddy Ebsen

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November 1999 will be remembered as the month that e-commerce-based art collecting finally came of age, what with Buddy Ebsen's "Uncle Jed Country" series (via Robot Wisdom) and the Delft painting of Charles Krafft (via Beth Rust).

Speaking of Folk Art, a couple of friends during our freshman year in college developed a concept for a TV show to be titled "Buddy Ebsen with an Axe in His Head":

The pilot episode begins deep in Greenland. Towards the camera through the frozen wastes trudges dapper Barnaby Jones. Cut to the top of a hill some distance off. A Viking warrior observes the tiny figure below, pulls from his furs a photo of Uncle Jed, examines it, and grunts: "Buddy Ebsen." Back to a medium-shot of Barnaby Jones, who suddenly pitches forward with an axe in his head. Behind him the Viking strides away. For the next twenty-five minutes the camera is fixed on Barnaby Jones's body. And for the next two seasons' worth of shows.


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