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Movie Comment: Fruitvale Station (2013)

Movies which convincingly capture well, capture's too intent a word: conviction requires contingency; let's instead say catch, as one might catch a cold while trying to catch the train. Aside from any other goals, met or unmet, movies which convincingly catch a sense of place (early novelties, silent ethnographies, human-interest newsreels, home movies, low-budget ’70s exploitation) always convey the sorrow of time irretrievable, narratives interrupted, the ever-mounting and finally unpayable cost of the contingency we're watching.

Fruitvale Station convincingly catches a sense of place.


So... should I see it? Or watch more avant-garde Eastern European flicks instead? (And then write essays for MUBI about them.)

Oh, you should see it. Pretend it's in Daco-Romanian and you'll even be able to write an essay for MUBI.


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