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Speaking of consumption, Beth Rust forwards the following list of shopping ideas from Amazon:  


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Ass Meat Research Group Update

Adding immeasurably to my cred as a "literary blogger," Aaron Mandel has sent me a scoop. And not just any scoop a scoop of edible offals!

Several years ago it was your webpage that alerted me to the existence of contemporary authors Ass Meat Research Group, Chilled The Fresh and Frozen Horse.

If you have not been keeping tabs on the gentlemen or ladies in question, I can inform you that when I checked sometime in 2003, I found that Amazon had miscredited all their works to some boring old single entity called "The Fresh, Chilled and Frozen Horse and Ass Meat Research Group".

However, it seems that Ass Meat Research Group, at least, is back to the literary world, now collaborating with Czech poet-manque Sheep The Edible Offals of Bovi.

by Preserved The Salted, et al

I see Bloo the Meat and Preserved the Salted have also been active:

by Meat Offals and Bloo the Meat

Still no reprints of Rosin the Bow or Preserved Fish, however. I blame copyright extensions.

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Bloo... Meat?

'Bestiaire' starring Lion, Goat and Dead Hen (2012) $20.27 DVD


Je souhaite dans ma maison:
Un lion rugissant sa raison,
Une chèvre, qui mange de toute sorte
Et dort en paix, comme une poule morte.

CONSUMER ALERT: We watched this last night, and neither Goat nor Dead Hen appear! Dead Duck and Zebra do OK jobs, I guess, but anyone who buys this hoping to enjoy another signature turn by Dead Hen or Goat will be very disappointed!


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